Installing and setting up the webcam

The webcam isn’t one of the living essentials, but the range of possibilities in the world of communications is limited without this device, you start to feel quite uncomfortable.

Suppose you have chosen for yourself a suitable device. Let's examine the issue of installing, connecting and setting up the webcam.

Installing the webcam

There are webcams of various forms, that’s why, the installing processes vary as well. Some devices are mounted with special grippers on the narrow LCD display, while others have a leg (platform), so they are simply put on the table or shelf.

Connecting the webcam

Most webcams are equipped with a cord with a USB-port, so the webcam is connected to the same port of the computer. The USB-slot in the system unit of the desktop computer can be located in its back or front part, the laptop has it on the side. If the device is equipped with an additional power cord, it is plugged into the socket. So, this is how the webcam is installed.

Setting up the webcam

Setting up the device is necessary for the computer to recognize the new device. OS (Windows in most cases) has to detect the webcam, in order to use it normally later. There are several options of setting up:

  1. OS can install the webcam driver itself by finding it in the database. If it happens, you will see a message about successful connection of the device in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. If it doesn’t happen, you’ll have to install the driver from the disc, which is usually supplied with the equipment.
  3. If the camera is purchased without the disc, you have to find and download the driver from the manufacturer's website, specifying the corresponding model.

After connecting the webcam to the computer, you can change its standard settings:

  • Quality and size of the image;
  • Contrast and brightness ratio;
  • Saturation and tone;
  • Sharpness;
  • Playback sound or recording volume.

Some device models enable you to adjust the lighting, put effects on the image, remove image flickers, and even turn around together with the moving object.

The installing processes of different cameras differ, but the manufacturers try to develop visual applications, so that this operation could be performed even by a novice user.

We hope you can do it as well!