Types of webcams

This amazing device has been used in the contemporary world for a long time. It enables you to see the people you need via the Internet in the online mode; it gives you the opportunity to observe various corners of our planet.

Small-size digital cameras shooting images that were invented in 1990s can be divided into 2 types: professional and amateur ones.

Professional webcams

Professional webcams are IP-cameras and network webcams used for video surveillance of the site and monitoring its indoor premises. Digital devices can record videos, digitize, crunch data and transmit video over the network.

The difference between the IP-camera and casual device is that the former one has its own IP-address. That is, the network webcam can function as a Web server with a direct connection to the Internet (without using a computer). That’s why, if you have the Internet connection, you can control the camera through the browser by means of receiving video and audio signals. Typically, there is a remote connection to it via Wi-Fi.

PTZ-controlled cameras are more updated devices. Such webcams are IP-cameras with the option of adjusting the angle of rotation and slope. The resulting image is scaled easily and quickly, besides, by setting a specific algorithm you can monitor a vast territory using only one camera. These devices are equipped with coders into digital format and hard disc drives that store the shot video.

Amateur devices

The main purpose of easy-to-use and relatively cheap amateur webcams is as follows:

  • video communication,
  • taking photos;
  • video recording.

Such devices should be chosen according to the operation conditions.

If you have a desktop computer, desktop webcams are recommended. They usually resemble spheres, and the lens is located in the front part. The cord of such a camera is 1.5-2 meters long. Many models are equipped with a built-in microphone.

If you have a laptop we recommend you to buy mobile webcams. They resemble small flat boxes, and the cord isn’t more than a meter long. They can be easily put in the partition of the laptop bag and used while travelling.

If you still don’t have a computer, and you don’t know what your choice will be, either the desktop PC or laptop, it’s better to choose versatile devices. They are equipped with flexible blades and can be mounted on:

  • monitor display,
  • laptop screen,
  • shelf,
  • wall,
  • etc.

Devices of this category can be mounted on any surface. The shapes of versatile cameras vary considerably.

We hope that this article will help you in choosing the webcam!