Installing and setting-up the microphone

Well, we are assuming that you having information about the microphone types have already chosen the microphone. That’s why we will consider its installing and setting-up. If you have chosen the webcam with the built-in microphone, all you have to do is to install and set up the webcam.

Installation of the microphone

Installation of the microphone isn’t that hard. There are only several options:

  1. The analog microphone is connected via the microphone mini-jack.
  2. The digital microphone is connected via USB.

After connecting the microphone to the computer physically, its software installation begins. Modern operating systems (OS) recognize the device automatically. If it doesn’t happen, you should insert the disc coming fitted with the device and install the drivers manually.

Configuration of the microphone

Setting-up differs slightly in different operating systems, but the general principle is the same.

The system installs the microphone and it appears in the Device Manager immediately. It enables you to change all the settings: increase/decrease the recording volume, turn on/off the microphone, choose the default device (in the case of connecting several microphones at the same time), etc.

So, that’s it. Good luck with installing and setting-up the mic!