Microphones types

We have already reviewed the existing webcams types. Now let's consider the microphone types.

Purpose of the microphone

Microphones can be divided into 2 large groups according to their purposes:

  1. Professional microphones used in studios and having high sensitivity, noise reduction and directivity levels.
  2. Custom microphones used for communication and recording of poor quality.

Functional principle of the microphone

Microphones can be divided into 2 types according to the functional principle:

  1. Condenser mics. These more expensive devices of a higher quality are used in recording studios.
  2. Dynamic mics. These cheap devices are easy to set up and use.

Design of the microphone

According to the design, microphones can be:

  • Desktop mics. These are the microphones equipped with a special stand. They can be removed from it and they can be a single unit with the stand as well.
  • Built-in mics. This set consists of headphones and a microphone or a webcam and a microphone (2 in 1).
  • Lavaliers. These mics are compact devices equipped with a small clothes pin, so that they could be fastened to a tie or collar. However, they can’t provide the sound of a high quality.

Ways of microphone connection

The main ways to connect the microphone to the computer are:

  1. Analog mics. The microphone is connected to the audio input slot. It enables you to add various electronics to the circuit (for example, a preamplifier). If the additional equipment isn’t used, the sound quality will depend entirely on the computer sound card.
  2. Digital mics. The microphone is connected via the USB-port. More expensive models of this microphone type can be equipped with the built-in amplifier and other various electronics.

This article makes a brief review of the existing microphone types. Each type can be studied more thoroughly for a conscious choice of the device.

We strongly hope that we helped you in choosing the right device!